Anarchy DIY

Audiowalk with an exhibition

Anarchy DIY is an audiovisual walk consisting of five parts. Based on different newspaper articles, biographical experiences and pure fiction we take the listeners on an expedition. When trying to find out which aspects of the stories are true and which are false on can only get lost.


„With bombs and highly explosive chemicals, plastic bags filled with explosives – called „Mao cocktails“ by the terrorists – and stones, extremists in Berlin have prepared an attack on our city’s guests.

In fact, the eleven little Oswalds put flour, buttercream and pudding in small plastic bags and paper bags to throw at the then US Vice President Humphrey during his public visit.“


„I need to admit, sometimes I let myself be carried away to commit small acts which seem to be completely plausible in a touch of anarchist thoughts. Like that one time at the lake…”


„When I was at the wedding of a performance artist friend of mine in Ankara, Gizem Gürer, I passed several strange statues while strolling through the city. For example, I saw a great fat stone cat in the middle of a park and of course exposed it immediately as the subversive criticism of the system, as it was placed amidst the people.“


„I lived with a host family in the Dallas/ Forth Worth Area in Texas from 2010 to 2011 and went to high school there. During that time I tried to train myself to dream lucidly. It actually works quite simply: You actively pay attention to your dreams for a while and try to recognize a recurring pattern, be it a place or a person, something that often appears in your dreams. Once you have recognized such a pattern, you react in everyday life with a reality test. So, for example, you hold your breath until you can’t stand it anymore and if you have done this often in everyday life, it is carried over to sleeping.“


„When I was walking through Bangalore on a trip to India in 2014, I came to a bicycle traffic training park in the middle of the city center. Even though I didn’t own a digital camera back then, it was worth wasting one to three analog photos on this place. I was very fascinated that a bicycle traffic training park was set up in a city that is so difficult to travel on foot, in which people who, if they cannot simply walk through the city, could learn the traffic rules for cyclists.“