Die Zweite Ebene

Student Film Project

Die Zweite Ebene is a movie by the theater group of the Gutenbergschule Frankfurt, which was developed under the artistic direction of the director Hannah Schassner. We filmed the movie together with the students and edited and reworked it in consultation with their directing team.

Story By & With: Alina Rößler, Aminata Lorenz, Ashton Dageleva, Emily Hirsch, Hannah Kress, Ibtissam Kehdaa, Isabella Depenbrock, Josephine Öhrig, Lola Dyson, Lorena Bryant, Marius Eichenauer, Nelly Habelt, Sofia Bustos, Sophie Thiel Directing Team: Ashton Dageleva, Gianmarco Bonetti, Hannah Kress, Simon Friedrich Storyboard: Gianmarco Bonetti & Simon Friedrich First Eye & Story: Simon Friedrich Dramaturgy & Story: Ashton Dageleva Kostumes & Story: Hannah Kress Stage Design, Light Design & Story: Gianmarco Bonetti Camera: Koprow&Preßmar, Gianmarco Bonetti, Nelly Habelt, Simon Friedrich Light: Nina Koempel Cut & Editing: Koprow&Preßmar Project Assistence: Ole Bechtold Overall Organizational & Artistic Management: Hannah Schassner

A project by the theater group of the Gutenbergschule Frankfurt funded by the cultural office of the city of Frankfurt and the Crespo-Foundation, with the friendly support of theaterperipherie and Landungsbrücken Frankfurt.