Taxischein in Regelstudienzeit

„Oh yeah, that’s quite a lot of input, isn’t it? Always difficult to have to concentrate for so long. Don’t worry, today will be the most strenuous part of your studies.“

In our lecture-performance Taxischein in Regelstudienzeit, we introduce our audience to the challenges and bureaucratic structures of todays student life as part of an introductory event for bachelor freshmen. We deal with the question: How sensible is a shortened study period in the humanities to enable a faster career start for its students?

A seminar culture aimed at „active participation“, which prefers rattling off a Wikipedia article to the contextualised, critical understanding of content, has brought us both into the interdisciplinary think tank „Increasing efficiency in the field of knowledge management“. Now we are here and take care of the smooth completion of your bachelor’s degree in the standard period of study.

„Switch off your brain. We’ll take care of you…“

Between calculated boredom and humorous exaggeration, the question of the progressive neoliberalization, not only within the university but also within our society, arises again and again. What does that mean for those who cannot or do not want to take part in it? An excursion in crash course format that tolerates critical questions.

By and with: Koprow&Preßmar (Michelle Koprow und Laura-Marie Preßmar)

Directors and production assistant: Kristina Roeder

Light designer: Nina Koempel

With: Ali Napoé, Dr. Constanze Schuler, Melina Hepp, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Müller-Schöll, Silvia Fritze, Sophie Osburg


07. / 08. / 10. July, 2022 8 pm c.t. at Landungsbrücken Frankfurt

Taxischein in Regelstudienzeit is supported by the culture department of the city of Frankfurt.

Pictures of the performance taken by Christian Schuller: