Ich (er-)wache, also bin ich

Stationfilm Project

Ich (er-)wache, also bin is a film project by the director Hannah Schassner, which envisions the terrain of the Milchsackfabrick as a women’s prison. The different monologues of the incarcerated women are viewable via the App Actionbound. We filmed and cut the monologues.

With: Jochen Döring, Antigone Akgün, Mirrianne Mahn, Léa Zehaf, Marlene Zimmer, Daniela Fonda Text & Director: Hannah Schassner Camera & Cut: Koprow&Preßmar

Funded by the Projekt- an the Brückenstipendium of the Hessische Kulturstiftung. With thanks to the Milchsackfabrik, the Landungsbrücken Frankfurt and the Tanzhaus West.