Büchner findet Stadt

Stadt findet Büchner

„He experienced a feeling of terrible loneliness; he was alone, quite alone. He wanted to talk to himself, but he could not, he hardly dared to breathe; the bending of his feet sounded like thunder beneath him, he had to sit down.“

– Georg Büchner

Our audio walk „Büchner findet Stadt – Stadt findet Büchner“ invites you to move around Leeheim in Riedstadt all by yourself but still not lonely. In alternation different places of the district, stories by people who live there and (fictional) biographical experiences as well as quotes of Büchner will be heard on this small detour filled with fabricated stories, which are proven to be real. One only needs headphones and a smartphone to be taken along with us on the (de)tour to the BüchnerBühne.

As a listener, one walks from the churchyard of the protestant church of Leeheim to the BüchnerBühne. On this way one can listen to Büchners critique of religion put together in the form of an audio mashup, ponder on ones own understanding of home in front of the museum of local history, enjoy the calm of the fields and put Büchners seemingly inspiration by local youth on the test. In front of the BüchnerBühne itself the question arises if the residents of Büchners hometown can rediscover his historic importance in their city. In this project we establish that Büchner found a central inspiration for his work in this city from which he moved to Darmstadt early on in his life. Either way this (de)tour allows the listener to get to know Büchner as well as Leeheim a little bit better.

The audio walk is accessible via the app ECHOES and can be found through a QR Code or a link. Further information can be found on the flyer you see above. The flyer will also be displayed at the churchyard of the protestant church unter den Linden as part of the BüchnerLand Festival.

The festival is hosted by the association Büchner findet statt consisting of the BüchnerBühne, Leeheim, and the BüchnerHaus, Goddelau. Our project came into being as part of the scenic project of the studies of applied theatre at the university of Gießen and was produced specifically for the festival.